Jesus In Cornwall – By Ronald Rayner

Author and Documentary maker Ronald Rayner is the world’s leading authority on the history of the travels in Glastonbury, and Cornwall, England, of the Prophet Jesus, and His Great Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. Ronald Rayner recounts the story from his own books, about the Discovery of the Jesus Scroll, by his ancestor, Crusader Knight ‘Rayner the Flemming’. Crusader Knight, Rayner the Flemming, discovered the Jesus Scroll whilst building what are known as the Crusader Steps down from street level to the area of the Tomb of Holy Mary, in Jerusalem.

Rayner the Flemming decided to make a gift of the scroll to England’s King Stephen. However, the King could only read and understand Norman French. Fellow Knights offered to carry the scroll to the only place in the world known to translate Middle East languages to Norman French, and that was the Monastery of Kyiv, Ukraine. Ancestors of many Knights were descended from the Vikings who settled in both Kyiv, and Novgorod, Ukraine. Knights were happy to enjoy an opportunity to return to their roots, where they knew they were assured of a warm welcome. Plus a handsome reward when they returned with the translation of the rare scroll to King Stephen in England.

After receiving and reading the translation of the Jesus scroll from the Knights, the King passed the Scroll in to the care of Roger Clinton; a special gift, to celebrate Roger Clintons Consecration into the position of Bishop of Coventry, in 1127.

Joseph of Arimathea was a Master Mariner whose ships traded with all the busy Ports around the Mediterranean Sea, where Joseph was known as the Tin Man. His dominant position trading, and bartering ingots of tin transported from his smelters in the West of England, in exchange for all manner of luxury goods; gold grain, incense, silks, beaten silver, and much more, made Joseph rich and very popular.

Joseph took Jesus, and his own son Adnam Josephus, around the same age of Jesus, to Glastonbury to benefit from the Druid education there, and to keep the boys safe from the Roman terror that would slaughter women and children indiscriminately.

It was during the return journey that the secret knowledge passed to Joseph, by Jesus, that set Joseph on a course planning the missions on which the Disciples were sent after the Rapture. Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene together with other Disciples fled Judea, Mary to France, Joseph to Glastonbury in A.D. 38 where, together with the Disciples that travelled with him, they built the first Christian Church outside Jerusalem, at Glastonbury, where Joseph owned land.

Joseph dies in A.D. 81, and the Church he built survived at Glastonbury until it was destroyed by fire in the year 1184.