First Extract from Jesus in Cornwall

Druidism was a pure religion, because its spirituality was based on worshipping one God, and the belief that the soul of man was immortal, and lived on after death in another; reincarnated to the place and position earned by the manner in which a life had been lived before death. Druids taught the necessity of practising justice and truth, doing harm to no man, cherishing and protecting little children and being manly at all times.

Druids held a vast knowledge of natural medines. They taught divining as a method of foretelling the future, frequently using the techniques of scrying. Druids studied the stars as a reliable method to ascertain the seasons for sowing and reaping.

High priests practiced casting out devils into animals. They successfully used a herb in the palms of the hands to anoint and heal problems of the eyes. Druids also calmed the winds for herring fishermen with a knotted cord. Druids held regular assemblies where they would rule on disputes and legal matters. Druid Priests required students and followers to be present at Druid Services held in groves in forests where the Priests offered burnt sacrifices at an altar, much in the manner of the Jews.

Second Extract from Jesus In Cornwall

Conversations with Jesus
Spiritual and Physical Healing

“My son Adnam told me Jesus, that you are the most sought after healer in the whole of the Druid Cor. Adnam said that many Druids claim you have performed many miracles of healing. That you healed a man whose eyes were so congested that his sight had left him, and when the man returned to Cor, bringing with him gold coins, you refused to accept the coins. Instead you instructed the man to give the coins to those less fortunate than himself as a token of his gratitude for his healing by the one God.

What secrets have you learned from the Druids Jesus, that have helped you achieve such success as a healer?”

“We were taught an extensive knowledge of ointments and herbal potions with which to treat many different ailments, Great Uncle Joseph. It is to my own astonishment that I remember every remedy for so many physical illnesses. Also those for treating the mind of man, including trance meditation, and the way of casting out devils. Even people harbouring an inner neurotic desire to remain an invalid can be cured through strong spiritual faith. The most stubborn infirmities can be cast out into animals”.